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Century Style Springers

Century Style Springers

from 1,500.00

These Century style springers are made to order at any length you need. Made from 4130 these are slim springers for your skinny chopper needs. There is a 6 Week wait before your order will ship. All bushings are made from Oil Impregnated Bronze and are greasable. They come with Internal steering stop neck cups and bearings.


  • Measurements are made from the top of the lower tree to center of axle. Stock length is 23” unloaded and 22'“ loaded.

  • Made for bigtwin Harley frames with a 1” neck stem

  • 5/8” axle

  • 4 1/4” width between the legs

  • Please Select UPS Ground For Shipping


If you do not see a size you need or need half sizes or need one for a sportster frame, please contact me by email. I can accommodate most custom applications.


  • You are responsible for doing the math to figure out what length you need. Wait times are subject to change based upon numbers of orders I have. Priority is by date ordered.

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