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Replica Frame Hardtail

Replica Frame Hardtail


VT No: 51-0457
Replica rear hardtail frame section is duplicated from an original rigid frame. Weld-on type.
The rear transmission mounts are 1-1/2" tall. This hardtail includes rear transmission mount, tool box bracket, fender cross brace, seat post top yoke, and 2 dowel pins to connect lower frame tubes. Installer must weld lower tube inserts and top seat post yoke assembly in place, which requires alignment and fitting of the components. Top seat post forging is included but not welded in place, fabricator or installer must add tubing and seat post bushing.

*NOTE: Transmission height shimming may be required.

*Note: UPS may consider this part as packaged "oversize" for shipment, as compared to the actual weight, which will result in higher shipping costs.
FL 1958-1984
FX 1971-1984

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